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Citizens Policing Project

"The People's Public Safety Advocates"

Organizing * Advocacy * Training * Education

AWARD WINNING Community Advocacy and Organizing

CPP and it's leadership has been recognized for it's leadership in the rhelm of social justice and racial equity dozens of times over the past 15 years.

Recieving multiple Citations from elected repredentatives, Strategic Practices award from the Open Society Institute-Baltimore and Executive Director Ray Kelly, was the recipient of the inaugural faith in Baltimore award

Coordinated consistant input from impacted communities to inform Baltimore's Consent Decree 

Founded the West Baltimore Community Commission on Police Misconduct, whose report, "Over Policed, yet UNDERSERVED, The People's findings..." garnered international attention and laid the framework for Baltimore's Consent Decree

Over 40 years of combined commitment to Baltimore's Black and Brown communities

Our leadership team has worked and served Baltimore's negatively impacted communities for over twenty years each, building productive relationships founded in collaboration and integrity

Proven track record of elevating the voice of the impacted commUNITY to influence systemic change

CPP and our statewide Coalition, the Campaign for Justice, Safety and Jobs have played an integral role in the process of reforming the BPD since the federal investigation began in 2015, and continues to influence every aspect of it's implementation

Who We Are?

The Citizens Policing Project is dedicated to educating and training Baltimore residents in EFFECTIVE advocacy to ensure Public Safety, at no cost! All of the services we provide and the engagements we organize are made possible by your contributions to build our City.


due to the surge in coronavirus infection, January's opportUNITY Ave event is canceled, hopefully, we can resume in a safer February

Partners for the Triangle

opportUNITY Ave.


third Thursday

12 pm - 3 pm

1401 N. Carey Street

Returning February 2022