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Education * Investigation * Documentation * Collaboration


Series One: ACTIVATION/Knowing Your Rights

A Call to action to Assemble Community Organizations and Members across Baltimore City, to distribute Information and literature relevant to the process and the rights they as citizens have as well as their ability to be directly involved in the process. At these initial meetings Resident leaders will be Identified, Frame work for establishing reporting agencies will be discussed and catered to the immediate community, introductions to Investigators and the dissemination resource and reference information. These initial workshops will also be used to advise on Scheduling and promoting Public Forums to encourage public involvement and to begin the process of soliciting information.

Series Two: Your Reporting Agency

The second phase of the CPP will include a series of Public Forums where Residents have the opportunity to voice their concerns in facilitated discussions, geared to identify and prioritize community concerns. Identify community assets, Resident Leadership and to create a recognized reporting entity or commission, committed to taking the lead in the process and continuing to engage the populace, collecting testimony and working in concert with the DOJ throughout the Investigation.

Series Three: Formal Reporting and Public Witness

In this phase of the process, CPP consultants will advise the community in areas of collaboration across their perspective neighborhoods, sharing information and identifying commonalities in their issues and creating formalized Documents to present to DOJ and the monitoring team as well to have a recognized and if possible, Public declaration of their concerns, the communities recommendations set the standard for what the community itself sees as the necessary changes needed to be considered reforms. A “Peoples Decree” has already been drafted and the majority of the community’s recommendations were adopted in the consent decree, it remains the responsibility of those impacted and victimized by police misconduct, the CPP will act in the role of liaison through this process for members of the community needing help with navigating the process.

Series Four: Sustainability/ Seeing it Through

In the final phase, and maybe the longest (2-3 weeks) the BCPD will assist the community in transforming the CPP into a sustained reporting ‘Agent’ or ‘Watch Dog’ group with the specific tasks of continuing to collect resident testimony and evidence throughout the process, reporting to the DOJ and the Independent Monitor from street level the actual progress of their police Department on implementation, and insuring the information being submitted by the assigned monitoring Agency is true and in line with what residents are experiencing in their neighborhoods.

We Need Your SUPPORT​

The Citizens Policing Project is dedicated to educating and training Baltimore residents in EFFECTIVE advocacy to ensure Public Safety, at no cost! All of the services we provide and the engagements we organize are made possible by your contributions to build our City.

Consider making a tax deductible donation to our efforts


Working together for a SAFER Baltimore !

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Baltimore, MD 21217