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Commitment to reform and changing the culture of the Baltimore Police department has been displayed time and time again throughout the consent decree process, groups like the No Boundaries Coalition, the Campaign for Justice, Safety and Jobs, Out for Justice, BLOC and countless other organizations and individuals set new precedents in advocacy, making Baltimore's Consent Decree the most community driven and informed in history, and becoming a member or partner of CPP is how we keep that momentum GOING!

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Jan 06


Baltimore City Hall

100 N.Holiday Street

10:00am - 4:00pm

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Jan 24


Quarterly Consent Decree Public Hearing

U.S. District Court for Maryland

101 W. Lombard Street  Baltimore City

10:00 am

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The Citizens Policing Project is dedicated to educating and training Baltimore residents in EFFECTIVE advocacy to ensure Public Safety, at no cost! All of the services we provide and the engagements we organize are made possible by your contributions to build our City. 

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